Una serie de sketches sobre Bono con todo el cariño. Aquí, el primero interpretado por él mismo para Comic relief

Bono: You wanna ride in the goldstream?
Jimmy Nail: Oh, thanks that's very kind, but we have to fly commercial to keep our own air miles up ya see.
Tim Healy: A lot of cash ain't it to carry around?
Gangster Dude: On the road a lot of promotors prefer cash.

Bono:This is going to charity. (points to cash) Comic Relief. Ever heard of them?
All: Yeah sure yeah.
Larry: Since when?!
Gangster Dude: What? All of it?
Bono: Did I not mention it? (to Larry)
Larry: Did you bollocks! Do Adam and Edge know about this?
Bono: (Whispers) Be cool, they'll be cool!
Larry: You don't know that, you shit!

Gangster Dude: Alright guys, tough guys, time for you to move... (points to Jimmy, Tim and the other two)
Bono: It's a good cause, good cause...
Jimmy: This is what broke the rollers up.
Larry: I thought we were saving up to buy erm... ¡Andorra!
Bono: Were giving away the money that was going to pay for the cigars.
Jimmy: Money does terrible things to some people.

Y ahora el gran sketch de Muchachada Nui, por si alguien todavía no la visto:

Cooking with Bono: "Give peas a chance"